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Our history

How did Motrada start?
Motrada was established in Austria in 2005. Since then we have realized remarketing platforms in more than 17 European countries. The first platforms were specialised in selling cars. Due to the continuous development of our software, we have now reached the point where almost every possible product category could be offered on our platforms. Increasing the variety of product categories and expanding to new countries are firmly rooted in our company's strategy.

Our mission

        Motrada makes your platform perfectly suit your needs: whether you are a small bank or a large leasing group, there will always be a matching type of Motrada platform for you!

Our focus is to deliver customer satisfaction, a variety of functionalities and quality assurance.

Customer Satisfaction
        We provide reliable platforms, 100% adapted to your requirements. With our extensive customer support we are always at your disposal, no matter your need.
Variety of Functionalities
        Our technology offers a wide variety of features which are constantly improved and expanded by our professional development team
Quality assurance
        We are able to achieve the highest quality for our products and services. Our product always meets the requirements of customers.

Our team

Our experienced team uses the most modern technologies to ensure the best performance and reliability of your remarketing platform!