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Remarketing Platforms

What can we do for you?

        Motrada creates customized platforms according to your needs. We have a wide range of possibilities to adapt the platform, replicate and optimize your existing process.
So what are your key advantages?

=>automated communication emails (offer received/ accepted / refused etc.)
=>data interfaces to get vehicle data directly onto the platform (from your system or from your expert)
=>large numbers of buyers thanks to the possibilities of the internet


=>Choose the buyers you want to cooperate with, through registration process
=>Know the user activity and the results of yours sales on the platform thanks to our monthly statistic reports
=>Every mouse click, connection and received bid is recorded in the system
=>Assign different rights to your employees - you have complete control


=>Adapt the platform to your corporate Identity: your logo, your design, your CI
=>define your sale process - which asset is offered to which buyer at what price, with several types of sales (Auction, Buy-It-Now, Open Offer, Direct Sale and Reverse)
=>Adapt the platform to your needs in all aspects: categorize your buyers into groups, create buyer groups; sell two or more objects at once with vehicle packages...

Our newest B2B sale tool to help you take your Remarketing to the next level!

        We now offer Thunderbid that allows you to organize your auctions simultaneously with the major European auction houses.

=>Increase the number of bidders and offers: run your auction in sync with other major European auction houses while keeping your own buyers.
=>Speed up the ThunderBid sale process by submitting up to 3 assets simultaneously.
=>Real-time update of the current price to all participants.

Which platform type is the right one for your company?

        What we offer you is the possibility to skip the intermediaries and to directly sell to local traders, whilst keeping full control and insight on your remarketing process!
PAP Light

=>Your logo on the platform
=>Standard home page and footer
=>Sale method: auctions
=>Access only for registered users
=>Automatic email notification
=>Language of the country

PAP Pack

=>Our technology
=>Your font and your colours on the platform
=>Adapted home page and footers
=>Sale methods: auctions, open offer, fix price, instant sale
=>Language of the country and several others
=>Standard statistics
=>Package sale and buyer groups

Multi PAP

=>Up to 15 selling companies
=>Up to 3 object categories
=>Integration in your own webpage
=>Personalized platform texts
=>Newsletter option

        A vast amount of categories of objects can be sold on a Motrada platform.
We already have created platforms that sell:
                - cars
                - trucks
                - agricultural machines
                - construction machines
                - computers, medical equipment, etc.