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Full Re-marketing Solution

Why are cooperations and partnerships important to us?

In order to offer you the most complete service covering your needs in the remarketing sector, we have set up several cooperations and partnerships with companies in other segments of the remarketing chain.

First of all, we cooperate with experts who create certified descriptions and evaluations of your used objects.

This description, reliable and accurate, can be automatically forwarded to your new Motrada platform via a data interface. This means that you will not have to capture every characteristic of the object manually, and therefore save lots of time.

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Why are cooperations and partnerships important to us?

Furthermore, this reliable description will establish a higher level of trust between your buyers and yourself!

We also cooperate with companies who store and transport the used objects you sold to the registered address of the buyer or to a meeting point.

These professionals guarantee a safe transport of your objects thanks to their high competence in logistics.

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